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The investor application assesses whether you are a fit for Evervestment and ESG products.

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Choose whether you want to focus domestically or broaden globally, and invest with your values in mind.

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Work with your assigned investment consultant to build a financial plan to save and invest towards your goals. Your plan is available in Evervestment's eMoney app.


Invest your funds in a consciously-built, actively-managed ESG ETF portfolio.

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Impact investing to build your portfolio for the long-term.

We see a firm's lack of flexibility to be more sustainable and socially conscious as a risk for investors. 

The indifference of boards toward modern social justice and environmental issues should make a person wary to invest in companies that lack regard for a future that requires change.

The growing popularity of ESG is not a fad. Considering sustainability into securities valuation is a wise choice, especially for clients with a long time-horizon who will be investing in capital markets for decades to come.

Conscious investing is no longer trading "value" for "values".

It's what YOU care about.

Evervestment builds ETF portfolios that provide both the diversification and customization you need.

Let us know your preferences regarding domestic versus international investment exposure, as well as your interest in social and environmental issues.

A portion of your account is allocated towards general ESG with our Evergreen Gavekal sector weightings to provide stability and safety in your portfolio. In addition to general ESG themes, investments focus on Equality, Environmentalism, or Human Rights.

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Your investment consultant gives you tools to build a custom financial plan with your lifestyle & goals in mind.


It's not just about feeling good about your investments. Being empowered in your financial future is key to wealth building and financial wellness.

What do you make? What do you spend? What are your boldest plans for the future? A CFP® professional can crunch the numbers and get you started on a life-long journey of taking pride in your spending, investments, and goals.


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