You don't have to trade value for values.

Invest in socially-conscious, environmentally-friendly strategies, built with ETFs & individual securities.


Focus: choose what moves you.

Evervestment Portfolios provide broad ESG exposure, with options to invest and make a difference domestically or



Investors also choose a focus area for a more concentrated allocation in Equality, Environmentalism, or Human Rights.


Equality: an intersectional approach.

When Evervestment started, we separated our socially conscious strategies into categories. What we quickly realized was that the real human stakeholders of those businesses don't always fit into one box. Because gender, race, ethnicity, and who you love are all combined in a person, we combined them in our strategy. Invest in Equality to stand for all people.


Equality with an aim toward justice, does not discriminate. So, neither do we.


Environmentalism: mitigate and build.

Your investment consultant builds a custom financial plan with your lifestyle & goals in mind.


The solution to combat climate change and the degredation of our planet's ecosystems is two fold: 1) mitigate polution and natural resource exploitation, 2) support the development of technologies that provide low-impact alternatives.


Our Environmentalism strategy combines low-carbon and renewable energy investments for a well-rounded, holistic


Human Rights: supply chain.

There has been a tremendous shift this past decade toward consumers pressuring companies to consider the ethical impacts of their supply chain management. Products that are made by people being treated (and paid) with dignity and respect are more popular than ever. Our Human Rights strategy aims to address issues related to clean water, economic justice, poverty, and education around the world. 



Reduce risk with ETFs.

By using exchange traded funds (ETFs), we can build portfolios of any size dedicated to ESG priorities without exposing the investor to the increased risk that pure individual securities strategies pose when being chosen for environmental, social, or governance reasons. A well-diversified ESG portfolio is a personal investment strategy you can feel great about.



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