Environmental: Evaluates how a company uses resources and sets policies to limit negative environmental impact and protect the environment. Including but not limited to recycling efforts, carbon emission and pollution, and water usage.  

Social: Considers a company’s policies and practices toward employees, suppliers, customers and communities, human rights, employment and pay equality, labor conditions among other factors.  

Governance: Evaluates a company’s corporate policies and procedures, board composition, diversity, executive compensations, business ethics and reputational issues, exposure to bribery or corruption



Evergreen may consider the tax consequences of certain investment decisions for the models used for client portfolios, the Evervestment program does not take into account the individual tax considerations of specific clients, and Evergreen does not provide any tax advice. The client is responsible for any tax implications and/or tax obligations that arise from the client’s decision to enroll in the Program.


Registration with the SEC does not imply an official endorsement or indicate a certain level of skill or training.



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