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What is an "ETF"?

An exchange traded fund (ETF) is a group of stocks, wrapped into one security that can be bought and sold just like an indiviual stock. They are similar to mutual funds except that they are traded on the exchange during market hours and are considered to provide greater liquidity and a lower cost ratio, while mutual funds are traded once a day after market hours and tend to be more expensive. ETFs can contain both stocks and bonds. They also are a great way to buy into a specific sector or geography. For example, "U.S. tech".

What is Evervestment's management fee?

Our fee is 75 basis points or .75%. Our parent company, Evergreen Gavekal, charges a 1% management fee for clients with greater than $1,000,000 in investable assets. The discount is provided to Evervesment clients who have access to the strategies our millionaire clients use, without the in-depth tax and estate help.

What is ESG and how is it different than SRI?

The acronym "ESG" stands for Environmental, Social, and Governance. ESG investments consider factors in those categories when selecting securities to build a portfolio with. Where ESG differs from socially responsible investing (SRI) is that is evaluates impact alongside traditional securities evaluation, rather than selecting (or screening) names based on a stringent set of predefined guidelines. We believe that a firm's ability to adapt to a greener, more equitable future is an input in it's long-term value, not just a "feel good" investment.

How often do clients interact with a human at Evervestment?

Every client is encouraged to do an annual review of their accounts and financial plan with a CFP®. Additionally, for one-off questions related to your investments or tax situation, you can contact your assigned CFP® for help.

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